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Moving to México

Moving to Mexico is a dream that many people share, from all over the world; drawn to the natural beauty, living history, ideal climate and quality of life that Mexico has to offer. But how can that dream become a reality? Moving to a different country can be a daunting and confusing process. I am here to tell you that it can be done! Because I've done it! I look forward to helping you develop a plan for your move. 

I am happy to discuss social concerns such as gentrification and classism as well. We can be borderless in an ethical way. 

Let my stumbles be your smooth sailing!

Introductory consultation call - USD $150 for 60 mins. Held as voice call via Zoom, and recorded if desired.

Why a relocation consultant?

When it comes to moving to a different country, for most of us it's a choice and it's not as simple as just packing a few suitcases and buying a one-way ticket (though that does happen!). Moving abroad can seem overwhelming.

The planning, logistics, arrangements, and necessary decisions might even seem intimidating. So much so that many people never do it, even if it's truly what they want. Getting an expert in to help manage some of the details can be a huge weight off the mind. That’s where my work as a relocation and moving consultant comes in.

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  • The prime role of the relocation consultant is to take out the stress out of the move. When we work together, I will keep track of the details, the logistics and helping you decide on and find the best location to call home in Mexico. 

  • As a relocation consultant, I am an expert. I know Mexico and I know the ins and outs of moving here, as I earned permanent residency here within five years of deciding to relocate. You can trust my knowledge. Much of it has been hard-earned, through my own challenges and successes.

  • I know what would make your move even easier: From which lawyers (if any) to hire to how you can seek residency on your own; or how to live on a tourist visa if you don't stay here permanently or work. 

  • I can help you save money. With my experience of personally moving to Mexico and helping others do so, the process will be more streamlined and custom-tailored to your needs. While one can expect moderate changes along the way, it's best to get it right the first time! 

  • Because I've done this for myself, I can suggest helpful hints for your move. From packing tips to cultural insights, or even a good local restaurant to celebrate at once you’re settled in.

  • I can work with you from the initial spark of desire to relocate all the way to the point when you've finally unpacked everything and are deciding whether to seek permanent or temporary residency. As your personal move manager who is fluent in Mexican Spanish, you’ll know you can take any questions or concerns directly to me, as someone familiar with your circumstances.

  • I can confidently suggest other useful services that you haven’t thought of yourself. For example, you might need temporary storage, or want some help getting your home ready with cleaning services or handymen. It makes it simpler when you don’t have to do too much research yourself. Preparing to move and letting friends and family know of your plans is enough to consider! 

Hummingbird Megan Frye

Introductory consultation call - USD 125 for 60 mins. Held as voice call via Zoom, and recorded if desired.


Truly knowing Mexico would take a lifetime - or longer! I have been fortunate enough to know much of the country through my work as a journalist and travel writer. There is nothing better than having an itinerary created for you that caters to the things you like to enjoy! I have led trips all over Mexico as well as prepared itineraries for people that I have never met! I love this and I'm great at it. 


Enjoy a custom-made itinerary tailored 100% to you, what your needs are, what your interests are and how you want to travel. It really doesn’t get much better than that.


We all need a little guidance when planning a vacation. This is not guidance from a computer or a travel "listicle", it is guidance from a real person who is experienced in travel, the destination you are visiting and knows all of the ins and outs on your selected vacation. I am prepared to align to your unique plans: i.e. do you plan to rent a car in Mexico City and drive to the Oaxaca coast, leaving the car there? Do you have 10 days and you want to see the best of Mexico's archaeological sites without overextending yourself with long travel days? Is it safe to do a loop trip from San Cristóbal de las Casas to Palenque to Las Nubes and Lagunas de Montebello and back to San Cris? What's the best way to do that, rent a car or go by bus? Traveling to Mexico with kids? Great! I have uniquely crafted advice to help you have the trip you desire on the budget you have available. The trip of a lifetime! 


As an avid traveler throughout Mexico, I know what the hotel rooms are like, what adventures you can do, how much time you will have to do them and if something goes awry, you can contact me and I will help you fix it. As your personal vacation planner, I have you covered before your trip, while on your trip and after your trip. That is huge because things don’t always go as planned. Where else can you find personal care like that?


Let's be honest, we all want to have the best vacation but we want to be sure we're paying the appropriate price and getting the most for our money. It doesn't matter where you are visiting or how you travel, money is always on our minds when planning a vacation. I respect that and for that reason, I have a long list of recommended hotels, private villas, cabins, rooms for rent and activities, rental car companies, local tour guides, etc. that are tried and true by none other than myself. I get no kickbacks for my recommendations; I make them from a place of integrity. 


Working with a vacation planner will ensure you get the lowest price available, along with exclusive deals that I can help you access so you get the best value for your vacation at an exclusive price. You also have the freedom to spend as much or as little time in a place as you'd like, unlike working with most tourism companies which will shuffle you quickly (or slowly!) from one site to the next. 


Once I have a solid understanding of your needs and interests, I will offer you a flat fee based on the hours it typically takes for me to design your bespoke travel experience.  If you need additional information or assistance during your trip, I will be available to assist you for no extra cost! If you'd like to hire me as a tour guide, I am able to join you on your excursion if you want it to be even easier! As someone experienced with different types of travel through Mexico, from luxury to shoestring, I can ensure you the best possible experience there as your personal guide and translator!


Whether it's roaming the deserts and whale watching in Baja California Sur, sampling habanero salsas in Mérida, finding a temazcal in Oaxaca, locating a low-key beach in Veracruz and checking out the beautiful ruins of El Tajín, I have been so blessed to do so much in Mexico! And I'd love to share this with you. Check out my blog and my Instagram for a glimpse into my years of traveling and living in Mexico. 

Coming to Mexico for medical tourism? I can recommend great doctors and give you a solid idea of how much you can expect to pay. I can help you find an English-speaking doctor, or, if you're in Mexico City, I can help you translate! Mexico City has some of the best healthcare in the Americas. And at a great price! 


I'm also caught up on the ever-changing Covid-19 travel restrictions, and can advise you in order to make the safest and best travel experience for you and yours! 


Introductory consultation call - USD 150 for 60 mins. Held as voice call via Zoom, and recorded if desired.

Megan Frye Maguey Writing section
La Huasteca.jpg

I feel so much more clear, solid in, and relieved with our decisions today because of Megan's knowledge and guidance... thank you!  She is definitely a divine gift!

Kim G.

Our time spent together with Megan was so worthwhile. She touched on  all those ever-so- cumbersome topics with ease and clarity. She has made the possibilities of our journey more attainable.

Sharyn B.

Megan was a critical piece in helping me figure out how I was going to spend a long summer studying and living in Mexico City, with the possible option to stay permanently. Without her I would not have had the wherewithal I needed to get enrolled in a language program, know where to live, and how to link up with specific expat communities in town. That summer planted the seed that ultimately compelled me to make the big jump to relocating. She has an extensive knowledge of the various delegaciones (boroughs) that make up the city and always had great recommendations and connections as far as cultural experiences, dining, and outdoor adventure.



Alden K.

I spoke with Megan recently about my move to Mexico. For at least an hour she patiently addressed all of my questions on a whole host of topics including medical and dental providers, cultural dos and don’ts, language learning banking, mobile phone services, housing, and relocation. She also provided a list of interesting places to visit, “pueblos mágicos” (magic towns) that are close to my new home in Mexico.


The late Robert McNamara, in one of his more useful remarks, asserted that you should 'answer the question that you wish had been asked of you.' Megan did this by pointing out that gender relations are more traditional than the U.S. or E.U. This advice will preempt a detour into “pensamiento mágico” (magical thinking) on my part. At the very least, I’ll have a lot fewer WTF moments.


Anyway, what’s not to like? Whether in dollars, pesos, or any other currency you can think of, I got my money’s worth.

Joe F.

My experience in Mexico has been extraordinary. Megan Frye has been able to organize and understand the dynamics required to travel anywhere from busy cities to gorgeous beaches and forested mountains. We’ve taken planes, taxis, private cars, moto-taxis, and the back of trucks, and I’ve always felt safe. Her knowledge of the locales has allowed me to enjoy new food, whether in markets and mom-and-pop stands or at 5-star restaurants. Walking the streets of our destinations I witnessed a great depth of culture and art. I never would have known what I was missing unless Megan led the way.

Michael M.

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