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Larry Carlson's Mexico City

Updated: May 27, 2020

"I've been here for one year. I don't speak the language so I'm very much an outsider, and I love it. That's probably what I really like about it. I'm kind of used to being the outsider. But being an outsider, I'm always looking at things different. That creates art. I see things that people from here probably don't see or care about. A lot of it just enters your subconscious, when you stop being a tourist and put your boots down."

Today I had the distinct honor of interviewing digital surrealist artist Larry Carlson at La Faena, an iconic cantina and bullfighting museum in Mexico City's Historic Center. We talked about Mexican hospitality, trains, the respect for visual arts in Mexico, the lack of moody pubs in Mexico City, mysticism and astrology. More to come soon. 


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