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Fodor's Inside Mexico City

What a year to release a travel guide!

Last year at this time, I was wandering the callejones, cafés and museums in three of my favorite neighborhoods across Mexico CIty in order to write three chapters for this beautiful city guide released yesterday by Fodor's Travel.

From the leafy streets and classic cantinas of Benito Juárez, to the pulquerías and characters of Santa María la Ribera and the delicious eats and speakeasies of Colonia Juárez, contributing to this book was easily a highlight of 2019, a year jam-packed with travel, fun, writing and gluttony in all forms.

I'm so glad it was released this year as I believe all of these businesses have been able to remain open following varying levels of shutdown and will continue to remain unshuttered. Use it to plan your future dream vacation to one of the world's living ancient cities. What a gorgeous guide to an endlessly fascinating megalopolis, and I'm only partially biased when I say that.

When it's safe to do so, no matter how long it takes, make sure you get to Mexico City some day. It is not a place to be missed. And when you do go, know you'll find me and my love for it, my many hits and misses and endless adventures here among these pages.

Con mucho, mucho amor from México, Srta. Frye


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