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Alive and more than well in Huatulco

Wild child. Always and forever. Uranian at my core. Love me as I am and I swear I will teach you how to live with the ocean underneath your skin. You will never be the same. I will constantly shift but I will never stop being me. I will always be at my essence the seeker, the learner, the nature child and the daredevil. And I do not apologize for that. Why should I? I allow myself to mature into my spectacular multitudes. Some of which are quite visionary and sensual and ought not be forcefully contained by any overculture or someone terrified of their own shadow. 🌚 If you know, you know. And you also know that I will love you forever. Even from the tail of a shooting star. I am not perfect, but I am divine. As I see you are as well. Don’t be timid about breathing acknowledgment into your complexities. I adore you for everything you accept and everything you may believe to be unlovable about your tenderest of selves. Wild with me. ☄️🌪🌊

Amo Huatulco. 36 beaches among bays lined by jagged cliffs, golden beaches and pure, raw Pacific. 💓 My Gemini dragon is at its most voracious on the coast of Oaxaca. 🐲♊️🌕

One of the most impressive conservation efforts in Mexico, it’s a constant battle to keep it protected but the locals especially have done remarkable work to ensure that it remains a destination to live the best of Mexico in the most natural of settings. 🌺🌲🦜

Among Huatulco’s bays, its winding highways, its dense forests and hidden coves, I feel more alive than near anywhere else. The cuisine is unparalleled and the climate is equally as delicious, with green mountains cascading down from the cloudy Sierra Madre bringing cool, clean rivers to the sea. In the greatness of its outdoor landscape, my eyes are brighter and my heart is light. And that's just the start of it.


The Zapotec people of Oaxaca's coast work hard to preserve this beautiful place from over-development. More on that in a future post. I love this beach town that receives 80 percent (some say 90) Mexican tourism, where the world doesn't have to completely bend to the ways and whims of loaded Mexicans and gringos from the USA and beyond. 🇲🇽🍴🌴

I stayed at Las Palmas Huatulco, and I can't recommend it enough. That's why I named it my #1 destination in Mexico fo 2021 in this month's Essentialist newsletter. As Mexico editor for Essentialist, a bespoke travel company, it's my job to find the best places to go in the country for all manner of interests and needs. Huatulco tops them all, and Las Palmas with its private villas, casitas and even an entire 18-room resort that you can rent out for weddings and other events, is the ideal for "private luxury." The staff is amazing and friendly, and like Huatulco itself, it's so relaxed and the food is incredible!

From "Essentialist" - An eco-tourism delight, Huatulco is a series of bays with more than 36 untouched beaches, hiking trails and where the Pacific is the main focus: surfing, deep sea fishing, diving, snorkeling and dolphin and whale tours. Las Palmas Huatulco offers a divine experience with private casitas with sweeping ocean vistas, with an on-call cooking staff skilled in preparing Oaxacan delicacies.


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