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Golden hour in Valladolid

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

Valladolid México Megan Frye Photographer writer sustainability culture ethical travel

The golden hour in Valladolid: A sleepy town with a lot of heat. 

Yo: “Buenas noches.”

Una señora mayor: “Buenas noches mamita chela.” Chela is usually a word for beer in Mexico but it also means “light-skinned person” in some places. Haven’t been called that since Nicaragua nine years ago. The more common Mexican word for a person of my physical features would be “güera/o.” But that may be used for anyone who is obviously not from the place where they are currently at, regardless of melanin levels. The sun sets early in the Yucatán during this season. There’s a multitude of bats - some massive - and of course a lot of things that bats like to eat. Colonial at its center, Valladolid is tranquilo, relajado y muy, muy mexicano. Una actual ciudad maya.  Me encanta.







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